SIA virtu regularly participates in tenders of Latvian State and municipalities. The quality of our work is confirmed by the implemented projects Public and residential buildings, as well as the received awards and feedback provided by customers.

SIA virtu qualification allows to participate in tenders in the following categories:

  • Office buildings (code 1220)
  • Communication buildings (code 1241)
  • Industrial buildings (1251)
  • Educational buildings (1263)
  • Medical treatment buildings (1264)
  • Sports buildings (code 1265)
  • Site planning and landscape architecture
  • Architectonic and historical research
  • The expertise of architectural solutions.

Construction companies

SIA virtu co-operates with construction companies under Design & Build projects.

Our competence is based on more than 20 years of individual experience of team specialists in design and author supervision.

Our approach is pragmatic building design management, timely communication with all stakeholders, and the use of modern design and communication tools, including BIM.

Site planning and landscape design

SIA virtu performs the design of the site planning and landscape architecture for architect offices, road engineering companies, construction companies.

We design sports areas, landscaping for streets and roads, recreational areas, green zones.

We are developing all parts of the site and landscape design: a horizontal and vertical plan, a combined engineering network plan, an landscape and green zones, a mapping of land works, a traffic organisation plan, a work organisation project.

Engineering offices and consultants

The emphasis of our office is on long-term cooperation and mutual understanding of the common goal, quality and deadlines of work.

On participation in tenders and cooperation please contact: Jānis Bumbieris, +371 26307345,