Residential and public buildings

We're focused on universal design. Rational and intuitive layout of the space. Aesthetic and microclimate comfort.

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Industrial buildings

SIA virtu is a market leader in the design and modernization of industrial buildings. Our approach is to maximize added value for the business by improving production flows and security, and achieving significant energy savings. For more than 20 buildings, the life cycle has been extended by 25 years, improved fire safety, reduced energy consumption in the range of 15-90%.

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Restauration and interiors

We respect the period of the original construction. When dealing with architectural heritage a thorough research is carried out before a restauration project is designed. Our commitment to the process allows to retain as much of the original substance of the building and its details as possible. Interior is developed as intrinsic component of the building and its function: whilst embodying the practical we enhance the aesthetical. Our focus is accessibility and universal interior space that creates added value to the client and to the organizations.

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